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Review from Gartner Peer Insights

Programmer Analyst

“Proven reliability in endpoint security from an industry leader. From on-boarding and training to implementation, working with Kaspersky has been painless and stress free.”

Gökhan Zengin

IT Manager, Collezione

“We have built a first-class business and so we needed to deploy a first-class security solution to match – and that’s what we have with Kaspersky.”

Jakub Lasch

IT Manager, HP Tronic

“Kaspersky has provided us with the ideal solution to ensure security in many ways. In particular, we value the user friendliness and option to administer it from a single location.”

Vittorio Cimin

IT Manager, Bricofer

“The Kaspersky platform is a total security solution that we feel sure will play a key role in the next phase of the Bricofer story.”

Success Stories

Collezione We protect:

  • Established in 1987
  • Operations in Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Uses Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business
  • 1,500 Employees
  • 250 Outlets in
  • 17 Countries
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HP TRONIC We protect:

  • Founded in 1990
  • Headquartered in Zlin, Czech Republic
  • Uses Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business
  • 14,000 Employees
  • 1,505 Licenses
  • 87 Shops
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Bricofer We protect:

  • Established in 1979
  • Headquartered in Rome, Italy
  • Uses Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business
  • 700 Employees
  • 50,000 Product lines
  • 400 Suppliers
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Dogtas Mobilya We protect:

  • Founded in 1972
  • Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Uses Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business
  • 1,200 Employees
  • 200 Stores in
  • 65 Countries
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E-Bebek We protect:

  • Launched in 1999
  • Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Uses Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business
  • 700 Employees
  • 550 Endpoints
  • 37 Stores
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True Cybersecurity as a combination of Next Gen security technologies and expert knowledge

Threat expertise is at the core of our DNA. Leveraging this expertise, we have been developing our Next Gen security solutions for more than a decade. The combination of these technologies with expert knowledge gained from twenty years of working with cyberthreats ensures that your customers will not be denied access to the services they need and that your data will remain free of ransomware and safe from other menaces.

An extraordinary retail experience starts with worry-free staff

Your customers will enjoy coming to your store again and again when they meet with attentive and caring personnel. Get a good start on ensuring that your employees can focus on your customers instead of on IT security worries by protecting your computers and systems with Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security. To further improve customer experience and reduce the chance of service interruptions, we encourage you to try Kaspersky DDoS Protection.

True Cybersecurity for Retail

Kaspersky True Cybersecurity approach features a spectrum of Next Gen technologies, including multilayered security with cloud-assisted threat intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to protect against every type of threat your business faces. At the same time, the solution doesn’t complicate business processes or create management challenges and distractions. Learn more about how to protect your business from cyberthreats.